Special modifications/a specially adapted product (LVFS 2001:6) = a product which is made according to written instructions from a doctor to be use solely by a certain stated patient for whom that doctor is responsible and has provided specified construction properties. Instructions may also be provided by another person who is professionally qualified and authorised to do so. (The CE label should be removed).
Special modifications (Panthera’s interpretation) A modification so extensive that the intended purpose/performance of the wheelchair is significantly altered.
Approved combinations and special modifications
There are three different procedures stated here:
Alt 1 Panthera performs the special modifications on the instructions and thereby retains complete technical product liability for the wheelchair although the person who issued the instructions is responsible for the properties of the special modification/wheelchair. (SOSFS 1994:20)
Alt 2 The technical aid workshop performs the special modification and thereby takes over complete product liability.
Alt 3 The technical aid workshop sends the plans or a photograph of the intended modification. Panthera issues a written notification which may contain either of the following responses:
1. Panthera approves the specific modification and retains product liability for Panthera’s part of the production up to the point of attachment. In other words, Panthera accepts liability for the wheelchair, its parts and that the wheelchair performs in accordance with its intended purpose. If it is not able to perform according to its purpose any restrictions will be described in the written documentation. Panthera does not accept liability for any changed or attached extra details. Example: if an amputation support is assembled on a Panthera chair and the support cushion bursts due to inferior quality, any liability issue/guarantee case will be decided between the technical aid workshop/person recommending the adaptation and the amputation support salesperson
2. Panthera does not approve this modification. If conducted in accordance with alternative 3 point 1 it is not a special modification but an approved combination or in some cases even an approved adaptation.
Approved combination (Panthera’s interpretation)
An accessory already in existence of another make which is compatible for assembly on Panthera chairs in accordance with specific instructions and, possibly, restrictions. This type of product is generally designed to fit several different wheelchairs. There are almost always written agreements/approvals the manufacturer/salesperson of the specific accessory can produce on request. Examples: Electric powered wheels such as Vortex or E-motion etc. (CE label retained).
Approved adaptation (Panthera’s interpretation)
An adaptation /modification of a Panthera chair or Panthera accessory which may be performed by the technical aid workshop in accordance with written instructions/approval from Panthera on several occasions.
Example: the use of a footplate from another wheelchair brand on a Panthera. If the footplate is to be compatible/work it has to be adapted, generally the attachment has to be modified. (CE label retained).
Modifications (Panthera’s interpretation)
A simpler modification of the chair or accessory where the technical aid technician and Panthera know that safety is not affected. Example: cutting a plastic side guard into another shape. Adding a heightener to a footrest or similar. We rely on common sense and sound technical workshop practice in assessing cases. If there is any uncertainty, please contact Panthera.
(CE label retained and no approval required)
The following applies for reconditioning:
- Only original parts from Panthera should be used with the following exceptions:
- Tyres and inner tubes for rear wheels. Should be of the correct dimensions.
- Rubber tracking for castor wheels.
- Ball bearings, bolts, screws, nuts and washers of the correct dimensions.
- Alternative push rims.
- Alternative rear wheels. Spiderwheels, SPOX etc. sold by Panthera Production or approved combinations.
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